Sunday School
Adult 1 & 2
        –   , Program Director
Jeff Zimmerman, Class Leader
Senior Adult
Joyce Scott , Program Director
Shirley Minton, Leader (Ladies – Hope)
Jeanne Birdwell, Leader (Ladies – Truth Seekers)
Sharon Evans, Leader (Ladies – Women of Faith)
Larry Arthur, Leader (Men’s Class)
Wayne Kiser, Leader (Men’s Class)
LIFE Groups
Have you ever wanted to be a part of a group
where cultivating authentic relationships and supporting
one another in spiritual growth is commonplace?
You can experience this in a LIFE Group.
Matt and Cheyenne Belew invite adults
from all stages in life to study God’s
word together, pray for each other, and share life
together as they meet in their home each
Thursday night from 6-8 pm. 
Childcare will be provided in home but please feed
your children dinner before you arrive.
If you have any questions or need any additional information please call: 918-921-4117 or email: